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Meridia ~ Mother of Dawn by karibous-boutique
Meridia ~ Mother of Dawn
"It is time for my splendor to return to Skyrim."
~ Meridia

Okay, I seem to be on an Elder Scrolls kick.  This is my interpretation of Meridia, one of the Daedric Princes of Oblivion.  The Daedra are god-like beings of incredible power and just about all of them are evil.  Meridia, however, is the champion of light, destroyer of the unnatural, and protector of life.  Her divine justice is harsh and her vengeance is terrible, but she rewards her faithful generously.  She is a loving mother, but also a very stern one.

In this image, one of Skyrim's orphans hides from Meridia's unearthly presence -- for, even as mortals crave the life she exudes, they also fear her terrible power.

Rendered in Poser Pro 2014, postwork in Photoshop CS6.  Download for full resolution.

All resources used in the production of this work are owned by, created by, or licensed to me for personal and commercial use. They include: The SylphDress Collection and The Malaik wings (SilverArk , Arki, Spiritfoxy);
Otherworldly Wonders - Equinox (surreality); DM Prompt Fantasy, DMR Lynettes Dark Rites, DM Dawn Breaker, and DM's RoseMary's (Danie marforno); Terradome 2 (Traveler, Syyd, Colm); Watchful Skies Volume 1 (Syyd, Colm); Bun Hair (3D Universe); Moon Shadow Hair (Valea); Plasma Flame Brushes (designfera); Various Ron's Brushes (deviney)
Calliope ~ Sniper of Tamriel by karibous-boutique
Calliope ~ Sniper of Tamriel

As an insomniac, I play a lot of Skyrim.  I’ve become very good friends with my Skyrim characters, lol, and while I realize they are already 3D characters, they have that low-poly, game-optimized look.  Ergo, I decided I wanted to render my own version of “Calliope, Sniper of Tamriel.”  Here she is, fresh out of Iray with a smidge of blur for artistic preference -- none needed for noise reduction, I just like it better when it has a dreamy feel to it.  I retextured the Dark Sisterhood bow to resemble an enchanted Daedric bow, since it was the closest thing I could immediately locate that resembled the geometry of Calliope’s favorite demonic weapon.  I’m really pleased with how easy the uber shader is to work with, too.  This was lit with an HDRI from a Render Studio for Poser (RDNA) package.  The lights lack a skydome, but offer a wide variety of light profiles.  There’s also a single sphere with a light-emitter shader on it just off camera, giving the main orange light in the scene.  In its full resolution, I was able to watch most of the pacific theater footage of WWII in Color while it rendered, lol, but my GeForce 660 and CPU chugged away and got it done!  (The DOF slowed it way down.)  Download for full resolution.  Character is Sabby's "Diamond" for G2F.  Also used were items from the Aether outfit, Capricorna, Felicity, Hagane, Nimue Hair, Piratess for G2F, and Crypt of the Damned.

Anyway—here’s Calliope with the hair she SHOULD have, if only it was easily animated in-game!  :D

Fantasy by Nevaeh2076
I don't know if I've ever written a critique before, so I hope it isn't terrible! I know I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to share their thoughts about my artwork, so here goes nothing!

First of all, I like the "vision" of this image. You've used the rule of thirds very nicely in this -- my eye is immediately drawn to her face and hand. Cropping a scene with a fair amount of "blank" space (background/sky) is something that not everyone does well. Your image is nicely balanced! If you had cut out any of the background, it would start to look cluttered -- but you've neatly avoided anything of the kind. There's also a nice dramatic flare about this. She's very striking and obviously means business! You've chosen a group of props, scenery, and clothing to convey your vision. The only reason that I scored "originality" lowest is because elves with magical effects are pretty popular. :) I like that she's got a punk flare, though! Show me why she's got that awesome blob of magic and I'd be really intrigued. Maybe a reflection in that water or a dark shadow looming from outside the scene?

I like the mood of the image. I think I'd like it better if there was slightly different lighting. The drama of the scene would be increased if you focused the light solely on your figure. The scenery is complimentary to the figure, but not critically important to the image as a whole. I'll admit to being a "dark and moody" kind of gal, so perhaps I'm biased, but I'd love to see this image with very little background light. Turn down the ambient values on the environment sphere and drop the intensity of any image-based lights. (If this is DS, that means UberEnvironment, in Poser it would be a Diffuse IBL.) If you do that, any of the overly bright spots on your figure will fade to perfection. The amount of specular lighting is perfect for the scene, so if you have specular-only lights, keep them just the way they are. And I'd REALLY like to see a deep blue point light coming from that magic effect. I'd use a linear point light with a very low falloff (maybe 100 or so?) Just enough to add color to her face and hand.

And last but not least, the technical stuff: Overall, this is a very solid render. No pokethrough, nice selection of materials, no grain or blurriness at all. There's a little too much light on her face and forearm, making it just a tad washed out. That's a super easy fix, though. And I like the idea of her pose, but something about her upper body seems a little awkward. (Maybe she has one of those evil school photographers yelling at her to sit funny? I think I still have nightmares about them yelling "Chin up! Eyes here! No, drop that shoulder!") And, again this is my personal preference, but I think this would be magnificent if you used some depth-of-field here. Put HER narrowly into focus and let us imagine the rest. If a render is like a photograph, then this one would be greatly enhanced with a lower F-stop.

Shew! Okay, I hope I haven't in any way offended you. I really enjoyed looking at your gallery! Not that I'm an expert by any means, but I think you have good instincts. I look forward to seeing you develop your skills! :D
Tiamat ~ Primordial Mother by karibous-boutique
Tiamat ~ Primordial Mother
"When in the height heaven was not named,
And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name,
And the primeval Apsu, who begat them,
And chaos, Tiamut, the mother of them both
Their waters were mingled together...
Lahmu and Lahamu were called into being."

~ From the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation myth; translated by  L.W. King

In Babylonian mythology, Tiamat is the primordial mother of all existence.  She is portrayed as an enormous female dragon and represents the saltwater ocean and all that it commands -- from life and nourishment to death and unbridled elemental fury. Her lover was Apsu, the primal being who sprang from the sweet, freshwater abyss beneath the earth's surface.  Their union bore children: the twin serpentine deities of Lachmu and Lachamu, who represent the silt which gathers where saltwater and freshwater meet.  

Tiamat and her children remind us that creation originates from chaos.

And as the mother of (mortal, non-serpent) twins, sometimes I can totally relate to her.

All resources used in the production of this work are owned by, created by, or licensed to me for personal and commercial use. They include:  Hellborn Dragon HD for the Daz Dragon3 (DAZ3D),  Morphing Python (DAZ3D), Cold-Blooded (IgnisSerpentus), Ron's Water (deviney), and "The Moon" stock by Photosbykev (…)

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.8 beta with Iray. Postwork in Photoshop CS6.
Bob and The Guts by karibous-boutique
Bob and The Guts
You really need to say the title out loud for full effect.  (It's a few days late for Star Wars Day -- May The Fourth Be With You -- but it's close enough to still be relevant.)

I realized I never posted this one here, and it was by far the most challenging RRRR render I've done to date.   This was  from last August, themed "Freak Accidents."  (The theme, by the way, was inspired by my July run-in with an exploding toilet. Don't ask.)   I pulled the following:

7435   The Ruins of Angkor Wat Bundle (Merlin Studios), DAZ
1987   Drago II (Ravnheart), DAZ
4156   Lotus (Silver, Countess), DAZ
5681   Razor Rider: Universal Props (coflek-gnorg), RR
4276   M4 Internal Organs (noggin, shaunahowell), DAZ
828     Bob the Blob (adamthwaites), RR
And a toilet that I promised Totte (in homage to July's bathroom explosion.)

RRRR3-Aug14 by karibous-boutique

That's right.  Ancient Cambodian temple, dragon armor, A6 character, Scifi props, M4’s guts, and a… living blob. And a toilet.

Title: Bob and the Guts
“Your mind powers will not work on me, boy.”
Luke’s use of the force had apparently misfired, landing him on an alternate movie set…


Greatest Treasures

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 5:28 PM
“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

~Maryanne Williamson

It was nice to look at my dA artist's page today and find myself pleased with all my "newest deviations."  Usually, I find myself wincing at one or another, thinking about what I didn't like and what I could have changed.  But today I surprised myself and felt only contentment.  Maybe it's because I haven't had much time to render -- less quantity, more quality and all that.  In any event, it was a nice moment.

I can't believe we're in 2015 -- and that we're almost 1/12th of the way through it already.  My twins turned 11 just before Christmas!  I'm going to pretend that I will age more like fine wine and less like smelly cheese... though I'm from Wisconsin, so that might not be the case!  Anyway, my resolution for the year is to not have resolutions!  I'd very much like to be more mindful and in-the-moment than I am now.  It's nice to have plans and all, but I feel I could benefit from letting go of my schedules and expectations.  I'd like to see where the year takes me.  After all, you can't be disappointed if you have no expectations, and I think I'd be happier if I could live by that idea.

As always, I have some wonderful art to share with the world!  Check out these amazing artists...

Featured Artist: : parrotdolphin

:iconparrotdolphin: parrotdolphin has long been a favorite vendor/artist of mine for her terrific commercial texture and material products.  Not surprisingly, she is also gifted outside of her virtual shop, delighting us with gorgeous 3D renders and dazzling fractals!  And while you visit her artist's page, be sure to check her journal and offer your condolences on her "untimely demise. "  (Read her journal and you'll understand!)

Earrings by parrotdolphin O No Sluggo ! by parrotdolphin Chainmail Sisterhood 2 by parrotdolphin Bob Decides to Become a Cowboy by parrotdolphin Evil Queen by parrotdolphin In My Weber by parrotdolphin Pink Scales by parrotdolphin Imaginary Knight by parrotdolphin Kiss Me Now by parrotdolphin Watching by parrotdolphin

Featured Artist: : jacktomalin

:iconjacktomalin: Speaking of amazing 3D content creators... jacktomalin is a god among men when it comes to modeling AMAZING 3D architecture and scenery.  I have no idea how he manages to be so prolific without compromising on quality.  (But I'm sure glad he is!)  The art in his gallery isn't just rendered beautifully, it's modeled that way, too.  (Be sure you download the images for the full-resolution experience!)

Aslan Court 3 by jacktomalin Mortis for Sacrament by jacktomalin Kingdom of Marrakesh - Sunset by jacktomalin Welcome to West Park by jacktomalin Invetero (Night) by jacktomalin Aslan Court Complete by jacktomalin Bridge of Cheirocrates - Octane by jacktomalin Oriental Tranquility - Awakening by jacktomalin Classic Deco Eclectic 2 by jacktomalin Parkside Heath Cemetery Gates by jacktomalin

Featured Artist: : BJPentecost

:iconbjpentecost: When I first stumbled across the amazing gallery of BJPentecost, I was blown away by the incredible detail displayed in every breathtaking image.  She is truly a master of visual, digital art!  I can't possibly express in writing how rich, emotional, and glorious her works are -- and I don't have to because they speak for themselves.  It's also worth noting that her comments are nearly as delightful as her art!  She has a wonderfully down-to-earth voice that is both humorous and thoughtful.  

I will not be coming back this time by BJPentecost Gathering of the Whitewood by BJPentecost Book Of Lies by BJPentecost A Green Boak by BJPentecost Figure Drawing Class by BJPentecost The Story of Tamacier by BJPentecost Blue Exorcist Page 1 (see comments first) by BJPentecost The Archanic Flutist by BJPentecost The Wolfgoat Demon by BJPentecost Pentecost Rainbow Finchgryph by BJPentecost

Stamp: I Heart Coffee by sugar-lust Dark Starbucks Stamp by l8 Poser Addict Stamp by taterbug Poser Pro Stamp by MythArcana Woman that knows by Claire-stamps
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Stamp: 44th US President by FantasyStockAvatars Democrat stamp. by slipzen-stamp Autism Awareness Stamp II by RetroZombie Autism Stamp by theestephasaurusrex Autism Speaks Stamp by karibous-boutique
Homophobia is Gay - Stamp by padfootsmyhero Gay Rights Stamp by ashleyspurlin Human Rights Campaign Stamp by karibous-boutique Magic Missile by Trivia-Master NERD Stamp by Kojima2087
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Intel Core i7 Stamp by karibous-boutique Jesus Saves by Persnicketese Hello, my name is.. by cfryant Mental Illness Stamp by funlakota Life needs... by Ishdakitty
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Proud of our Wisconsin teachers. When the product of your labor is a child's future, you must stand up for what you know is right. Funding my publicly-educated autistic son's paraprofessional should come before funding freeway interchanges. Period.

Madison, WI Protests 4 by cyspence Firefighters Against Walker by orchidjay Stop Scott by Party9999999 Walk for Your Rights by iamkeebler Madison, WI Protests 3 by cyspence


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I may be soft in your palm but I'll soon grow
Hungry for a fight, and I will not let you win.
My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will
Disprove your faith in man.
So if you catch me trying to find my way into your
Heart from under your skin...
Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself
Fast as you can...

-Fiona Apple

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Thank you!  There are eventually going to be more -- I began putting one together about using adjustment layers, blur techniques, and touch-ups.  But then life happened, lol.  I'm coaching my daughter's Lego Robotics team and my spare time has been eaten!
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