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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 26, 2013, 1:40 PM
"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."
~Dale Carnegie

I took a look at my gallery today.  And do you know what I saw?  Someone trying hard to express deep meaning in her art.  Admirable, for sure, but... When I look at my earlier works, I realized that my inspiration used to just be, well, fun. I've recently started to work so hard at showing the world that Poser art is legitimate, that it seems I've forgotten that it's okay to just CREATE -- for no reason other than it's a lot of fun to do so.  I realized I miss rendering "chicks with guns" and  "elves in the woods" and "mindless pretty girls."  Lol.   I miss...  just... playing.  And so, I think I shall let my digital hair down, so to speak, and return to a time when I didn't really care if other people thought my work was ARTISTIC enough.  I have serious issues going on in real life that certainly can inspire art, but I also shouldn't deny myself the pleasure of having fun in this place of creative fantasy.   I therefore vow to get my fluff back.

Oh, and before I forget!!  :squee:

1st Place Stamp by girl-n-herhorse

I won the grand prize in the contest hosted by :icongirl-n-herhorse:, aka :icondragondoodle:.  I depicted one of the OCs featured in her amazing comic as a vampire  :giggle: , and as a result  I won a WHOLE LOT of REALLY COOL STUFF.  My humble thanks to her!  If you haven't read her comics, go do so!!  

Featured 3-D Artist: tats2

:icontats2: is a master of character studies.  tats2's work is always  technically  masterful, but also gives us a brief glimpse of a unique, intriguing personality.  Wandering past the faces and figures in her gallery always leaves me happily waiting for her next creation.

 Space by tats2  Mystique Uncovered by tats2  Sexy Elf by tats2 Portrait 24 by tats2 Portrait 19 by tats2  Kid Sister by tats2  Portrait 12 by tats2 Upon Reflection by tats2:Comfort by tats2 Cherish by tats2

Featured Artist: RosaryOfSighsx

:iconrosaryofsighsx: espresses such profound emotion with her entrancing literary works that it's easy to overlook the similar depth of expression in her photography.  Her words come from a private, sacred place in her soul.  After reading RosaryOfSighsx literature, we realize we've seen something real and true and frequently heartbreaking. She proudly and unashamedly shows the world that a person is more than their illness, but is rather, a beautiful sum of many parts. A visit to her gallery is pure enjoyment, though it will likely also leave you shaken and looking for a box of tissue.

VisitsHollow black-hole eyes and arms filled
to the brim with primitive home-job tattoos.
a tear inscribed under his eye
tells of time behind
and time spent inside seedy taverns killing brain cells
forgetting the days
behind the darker bars,
the other cells
littered with tally marks on walls.
'HATE' is inked into the fists that led him to
other hardened fists met incarcerated.
hate breeding hate breeding regret
leading to bleeding out onto cement.
hard time brewing
moonshine under beds
slept with one eye open.
he flicks his cigarette onto the dirt under the house
and coughs.
tally-ho is the only tally he wants in his hands now.
It creeps under his fingernails and stains them yellow
instead of red.
Behind him,
Jamie scrubs at his dust-covered feet,
rail thin with the sweet smell of
marijuana that hangs
heavy over them -
aromatic defeat.
His eyes run brazenly over my body
as he tells me of the guns he owned before police raids on his home,
his run-ins with the law.
"I'm on parole. Been in
  Valley of Temples by RosaryOfSighsx   The Doppelganger DeathIf I am dead, throw me to the sea
and let me sink.
My bones are soft where you have dug up the remains of drugs
waking in the marrow
and I don't know which part of my brain
is me anymore,
amongst all of those dying ships
and side effects.
those ill-begotten attempts at flying
and the sadness of swallowing
pills for photosynthesis.
I wish I was a tree
and you were the square root solution
anchoring me to the earth
in the tumult.
There are unclean words resting there,
gritty and pregnant with the promise of rain.
I fill my pockets with your gasps
and there are oceans of regret between us.
You like to see yourself in the words I speak
and the empty scripts waiting for a signature.
But when we run and hurl ourselves into the sea
and drink malt whiskey in an August downpour
telling each other our hearts are sunken
I notice nothing.
You're not me anymore.
I'm burying you underwater with three spades
and a red ace of hearts.
My sermon is a renegade of I-promise-I'll-forget-you.
The Olive Trees of Agrigento by RosaryOfSighsx  Suicides Learning To SpeakIt’s 6 a.m. A girl is beginning the journey back from Oz, anchored to life by the whirr and beep of machines and tubes. Above her emaciated body, nurses pace, write on clipboards, click their heels and purse their lips. She is oblivious. Her mind drifts in freefall, stuck in an eggshell skull wrapped in nasal gastric tubing and an oxygen pipe forced down her throat like a synthetic umbilical cord. Somewhere, neurotransmitters are sewing themselves back into conscious awareness. There is a person lost somewhere in that body. There is a mind overboard in a black sea, sending up a flare. The nurses are afraid that she will stay in there forever. A family jostles at the side of the bed in the cramped, generic hospital room. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men… I don’t need ruby shoes to find my way home. My name is Ruby, the nurses click their heels and my family makes the wish.
I’m finding my way back to consciousness through the sound
The Olive Groves by RosaryOfSighsx  Stories From the Psych Ward (1 of 3)It's 2a.m. and I can hear the nurses' footsteps down the corridors,
with pools of light streaming out of their torches like car headlights in the rain.
Tonight is long and lonely, and voices wash over me in the dark.
Night checks, and rays of light pour over the sleepy shadowed forms of us,
into our eyes. Each black silhouette,
the shape of a patient in the middle of a dream.
I can feel insects crawling under my hands
but I can never dig them out.
Early morning cups of sweet black tea bring
a sense of comfort and normality to being an
involuntary psychiatric patient locked up in solitary.
Sleepless nights lying with outward eyes
at the disembodied hands pushing through the ceiling.
I curl around myself and wish I could disappear.
My hands are red and raw from trying to scratch
out the bugs that crawl underneath. I try to show
the insects to the staff, but none of the nurses believe.
One of the humanless spirits holds my spine
while the disembodied voices whisper "stay as low as you can
  Stories From the Psych Ward (2 of 3)I'm so cold I feel it down to the bones,
sitting in the dining hall trembling
over my cup of tea. A huge Christmas
tree twinkles merrily beside me in red, blue, silver, pink and gold.
Patients huddle together outside to talk,
but I'm forbidden to join them,
trapped inside the ward on a category four.
They're all strangers to me, I've spoken to no one.
Smoking their cigarettes in faded pajamas,
looking tired and worn down,
lips twisting into smiles as the smoke
curls down into their lungs.
Nurses find me hiding from evil spirits in the cupboard.
They let me stay inside, safe until the panic stops and
the shadows disappear, give me blankets
to stay warm, until they take me by the hand and lead me out.
Two psychiatrists come to speak with me
While insects pour from my lips
And satellites speak of the death of stars
The voices scream at me
But I talk.
They want me to trust them
They want me to stay alive.
A nurse takes six canisters of my blood,
a deep frothy red. It pours out of my

Featured Artist: Jim-Zombie

:iconjim-zombie: has a unique perspective and a diverse set of skills, from 3D rendering and modeling, to photography.  There is always something unexpected in his images that draws the viewer in for a closer look!

Techno-Borg by Jim-Zombie  Reflection by Jim-Zombie  Cybergirls by Jim-Zombie  Corrective Glasses by Jim-Zombie Buddy bot by Jim-ZombieStrange lights by Jim-Zombie  Portrait by Jim-Zombie  Fungi world by Jim-Zombie  The Ruins 2 by Jim-Zombie  Stars by Jim-Zombie

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Proud of our Wisconsin teachers. When the product of your labor is a child's future, you must stand up for what you know is right. Funding my publicly-educated autistic son's paraprofessional should come before funding freeway interchanges. Period.

Madison, WI Protests 4 by cyspence Firefighters Against Walker by orchidjay Stop Scott by Party9999999 Walk for Your Rights by iamkeebler Madison, WI Protests 3 by cyspence


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I may be soft in your palm but I'll soon grow
Hungry for a fight, and I will not let you win.
My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will
Disprove your faith in man.
So if you catch me trying to find my way into your
Heart from under your skin...
Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself
Fast as you can...

-Fiona Apple

Current Residence: Purgatory,
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Operating System: Win 7 Pro,
Favourite cartoon character: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz,
Personal Quote: Curse you, Perry the Platypus!!!




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Thanks for the llama and for watching!
karibous-boutique Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very welcome!  You've inspired me to try a rebirth render.  So far, yours is looking much better than mine, lol!  You know how you get an idea... and then the idea doesn't want to cooperate?  Lol.  I'm there!!
Yes, I know the feeling well. Good luck! Sometimes it helps to bribe the ideas... mine are partial to offers of virtual cheesecake. :D
BOO!  ^_^  how goes it, long lost friend?  :D
karibous-boutique Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, you!!!  I'm, well... I'm here!  Same old, same old.  Everything is just nuts enough to make me need art as an outlet, lol.  How are you?  Nice to see your "face" (virtually, at least) around!  :hug:
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